Duct Cleaning Is Important For Your Family’s Health

Duct Cleaning Is Important For Your Family’s Health

We do so many things to stay healthy. Sometimes that means eating more vegetables or getting a couple of extra hours of sleep at night. Whatever it is, health is always a priority. You may do what you can to keep yourself healthy, but is there something you haven’t thought about? What about your air ducts? Many homeowners ar

e unaware of the many ways that unclean air ducts can impact their health. This is why you should know why duct cleaning is important for your family’s health.

Don’t believe that duct cleaning makes a difference? Think about all of the dust and dirt that comes into your home each and every day. Maybe your shoes are dirty from outside. Or maybe your clothes have pet hair or dander on them. Maybe you just walked across the carpet. All of these seemingly insignificant things make a difference. When you bring contaminants into your home, they get into the air – and can become trapped inside of your air ducts. You may clean your home from top to bottom, but if you don’t have clean air ducts, that dirt and dust is still being circulated throughout your home! When this dust and dirt is trapped in your ducts or is circulated in the air, it has a serious affect on the people living in your home.

A few ways that duct cleaning can benefit your family’s health are: improved air quality and a cleaner home. Both of these can impact the health and well being of you and your family members on a day-to-day basis. Don’t believe it? Keep reading.

Improved Air Quality:

Duct cleaning is done for a number of reasons. They can include increased efficiency and lifespan of your heating and cooling system, and reduced electricity bills. A duct cleaning may also be performed to improve the health of your family. One of the ways that air duct cleaning can impact your family’s health is through improved air quality. When air ducts are left uncleaned, they collect dust, dirt, and even mold spores. If that build-up is ignored for too long, it affects the quality of air that is in the home. Why does this happen? Well, with any forced air heating and cooling system, air is blown through the ducts into the rooms of the house. When those air ducts are unclean, the air that is pushed through the ducts will push dust and dirt particles into the air as well. Since air is re-circulated in your home up to seven times every day, the air that you are breathing may be full of unclean contaminants.

You may not think that the quality of air in your home is all that important. However the average person spends 90% of their time inside. That means that you are breathing the air inside more than anything else. So, it is important that the air you are breathing is of the highest quality. The quality of air in your home is commonly referred to as indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor indoor air quality has become a serious concern for homeowners because of the associated health risks. In fact, indoor air pollution is considered to be the fourth greatest threat to health in North America. It is shocking, but true! So, just what are some of the health risks associated with poor indoor air quality? They can include: difficulty breathing, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, sinus problems, asthma, or constant cold-like symptoms. These health issues can affect children and the elderly even more severely. Have you noticed that anyone in your household is suffering from any of these symptoms and can’t you figure out why? Get someone to inspect your air ducts as soon as possible. Unclean air ducts may just be the culprit.

A Cleaner Home:

Another way that air duct cleaning is important to your family’s health? The cleanliness of your home. Clean air ducts mean a cleaner home. Do you ever feel like you dust and dust, but your house never gets totally clean? This may have something to do with your air ducts. Unclean air ducts can have up to 5 or 6 lbs of dust and dirt settled inside. Whenever air is blown through the ducts, all of that dust and dirt can contaminate the air. When the air is blown through the rooms in your house, it allows more dust and dirt to settle. This can cause your home to be unclean much faster, requiring you to dust more frequently. However, an unclean home doesn’t just force you to clean more often. It may also impact the health of your family.

When dust accumulates in your home, it can impact the health of your family members. Accumulated dust and dirt in your home can lead to a number of breathing related issues. House dust can actually make allergies worse, which can bring on sneezing, coughing, and breathing problems. Dust in the home also contains a number of dangerous chemicals, which may affect the health of your family. They can include lead and pesticides. This is why it is so important that your air ducts are properly and thoroughly cleaned. Clean ducts help to reduce the amount of dust in your home and help to keep your home cleaner…. and a clean home is always beneficial to your family’s health. It means not breathing in unclean air, or constantly touching dusty or dirty surfaces, which is always a good thing!

Staying healthy isn’t just a good idea – it is essential. When it comes to your home, it is important to consider the way dust and dirt can impact your overall health. If your air ducts are full of dust and dirt, it may be affecting the quality of air and the cleanliness

of your home. Rather than risk the health of your family, it is important to get a professional air duct inspection and cleaning performed. Don’t neglect it – duct cleaning is important to your family’s health. Clean air ducts are an important part of taking care of your home – and your family.

Or Sela has worked at Canduct Duct Cleaning Toronto for ten years. His extensive knowledge of duct cleaning services allows him to understand the installation, repair, and cleaning needs of his clients.

Tips for the First Time Driver

So, you’re finally done with your 6-week driving school. Everything is all set – your dad bought you your new car, and you’re excited to impress the girls in your school. But before you race to the wheel, remember this one important thing: you own the car, NOT the road. You might be very excited, but your parents won’t be too happy if you crash that car on your first day. So, what do you need to do? Here are some helpful points to consider before you go on your first drive.

– Check your car – Whether you’re going for a short ride or a long one, always check your car. Check the tires, the seat-belts, and the mirrors. While you were in driving school, you always had your driving instructor breathing down your neck. Annoying, right? Now it would feel strange that you’re all alone. There would be no one there to remind you, so you have to get your act together.
– Don’t panic. – Keep your cool. Keep thinking of ways to distract yourself from the fear of driving – like how cool you’d look when you arrive in school, or the look on your girlfriend’s (or boyfriend) face when she sees you in your new car. Loosen up, and don’t focus so much on driving. Try to act naturally. There’s no instructor to tell you what to do anymore.
– Don’t distract yourself – While thinking of ways to keep your cool, don’t overdo it by daydreaming. The last thing you need is a distracting thought that would take your mind off of driving and into something else. Since it’s your first time, don’t bring answer your phone just yet, or don’t eat. A little music can help relax you.
– Don’t forget your license. EVER. – This pretty much says it all. It’s not that I’m putting negative thoughts in your head, but you’ll never know what happens on the road.
– Remember what driving school taught you – You didn’t go through that six week hell for nothing, right? So you best remember everything. You were taught to read signs, so read them well. You were taught how to drive safely, then drive safely. If you encounter bad drivers, don’t imitate them. Just go about your business.

Tips like these can only go so far. I still believe that experience is the best teacher, specially for driving. So go ahead and practice. For those who still feel inadequate, there are some, like Indiana driving schools, that offer intermediate driving lessons. If you can get a hold of that (and if you have the resources of course), then do so. There’s actually a study that says these extra courses make better drivers. And remember, driving is supposed to be fun and cool. Just don’t let it get to your head to much. Enjoy your drive!


Peter Patrick loves to travel with his wife and two kids. Peter owns the Indiana Driving Schools website.