Don’t Do It Yourself. My Roofing Shingles Experience

Let’s just say that despite liking tools a lot, I’m not Mr. Do It Yourself (DIY). In fact my wife actually believes I am the worst person she’s ever met when it comes to home repairs and doesn’t want me to touch anything. So when the roof needed to be repaired, she naturally wanted me to call in some professionals, despite my enthusiasm to do it myself. A day up on the roof, with shingles being laid and my hammer in my hand sounded great to me, but it wasn’t to be.

I guess I can understand my wife’s concerns. There have been a few times when a project has gone “slightly” awry. There was the picture hanging, hammer through the drywall incident. There was a slightly askew paint job in the hallway. There was a “small” leak when I tried to fix the running toilet. So since a roof is a bit more serious of an endeavour, and since poor workmanship is the primary cause of roofing problems (at least so I read online), I begrudgingly called in a roofing contractor.

Well actually I called a few different contractors and ultimately decided on one who was not the lowest bid, but who I felt I could trust. He was going to install shingles from a company called IKO. The IKO shingles he recommended were the Cambridge Beachwood product specifically. In addition to that there were some other things like an ice shield and some other waterproofing thingy (yes that’s the technical name that we DIY-ers use). He said it would take him 3 days with a 2 man crew. I volunteered my services to make it a 3 man crew but the look from my wife eliminated that idea as soon as it came out of my mouth.

They finished installing the shingles and other elements in 3 days as promised and I can say that I’m quite happy. The IKO shingles have a limited lifetime warranty which the fine print says means 40 years. And the roofing contractor gave me a 10 year warranty on the workmanship. The new IKO shingles actually make the house feel fresh again so it think it was worthwhile, even though I didn’t get to hammer anything myself. I guess I’ll just go and tinker with the light fixtures in the dining room for the time being since even after changing the bulbs there is still some strange flickering.