Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Furnace Air Filter

Your furnace air filter is more important than you may realize. It doesn’t just trap dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. Your filter also contributes to the efficiency and longevity of your furnace, along with the overall cleanliness of your home and the quality of air that you breathe. With so much at stake, it is no wonder that your filter needs to be changed regularly! Unfortunately, any homeowners put this aspect of home maintenance on the back burner. To keep your home running smoothly, don’t forget to change your furnace air filters. Here is everything you need to know to get the job done right:

The first thing you’ll need to do? Figure out what type of furnace air filter you currently have in your furnace. There are many different types of filtration levels and brands to choose from. You may also have either replaceable or washable filters. You’ll need to understand the type of filters that you have in order to change them properly. If you don’t already know what type of filter you use, take a look, and write down the make, model, and filter type.

Now that you know what type of filter you’ve got, it’s time to figure out how to change it! Let’s start with washable filters. The key to keeping this type of filter clean is to, well, clean them! To do this, you will need to turn off your furnace. Next, take your vacuum and remove any dust or dirt from around the area. Once the area is completely clean, it is time to locate your furnace air filter. The location differs based on the age and make of your furnace, so take a look around. It is most commonly found along the bottom or the side of the unit. Remove the filter from your furnace and get cleaning! Using your vacuum, clean out any dust or dirt from your filter. Spray out your filter with water and let it dry completely. After it is totally dry and free from any of those pesky built-up contaminants, you can put it back into the furnace.

If you have a replaceable furnace air filter, you’ll need to start by turning off your filter and vacuuming the area directly around the furnace. Doing so will prevent any more dust and dirt from getting inside. Next, find the location of your furnace filter and open the door. You may need to use a screwdriver to do this – it all depends on the type of furnace you have in your home. Remove the old filter and set aside or throw out. Yes, to change a replaceable filter, you will simply need to remove the clogged filter and insert a new one. This method is quick and easy. So, there is no excuse to put it off!

Now that you know how to change your filter, it’s important to understand when you should actually do it. Experts recommend that your furnace air filter be changed every three months or as it is necessary. You can determine whether or not your filter needs changing by doing a visual inspection each month. Simply take a look at your filter and check for any obvious signs of wear or a dark grey colour. If it is full of dust and dirt, you’ll know that it is time to change it.

Stay on top of your home maintenance by changing your furnace air filter. A clean filter benefits your home in countless ways, so always remember to perform a visual inspection and change your filter when needed. It won’t be long before you notice the difference.

Or Sela understands how to change furnace air filters. He currently works for Furnace Filters Canada. It is his extensive knowledge of furnace filters and related services that allows him to fulfill the needs of his clients.