Don’t Allow the Harsh Winter Weather to Keep You From Walking Your Dog

Winter is finally here, and as we are all aware, Toronto winters can be particularly harsh. There are many things we’d rather not do outdoors in the cold weather, but some we just cannot avoid; one of them is taking the dog out for his daily walks.

Many of us don’t mind the cold and are more than happy to take our canine friends out whenever they have to do their “business.” For those of us who want or need to avoid spending as little time outdoors during the winter as possible, it’s good to know that dog walking services are available whenever and wherever we need them.

Professional dog walkers are lifesavers for many people, especially this time of year when venturing outdoors can be treacherous for some. It can be challenging for seniors and other individuals who might be prone to slipping and falling on ice to go out and walk their dogs. That’s why dog walkers are so important; they allow us to keep our beloved canine companions by our sides without having to worry about the elements. Many dog walkers have client lists that include seniors and other home-bound individuals who rely on them to walk their dogs as often as necessary. When the weather turns nasty, it is a comfort to many to know that trained, caring professionals are always available to make sure their dogs are well cared for.

Winter is also a time when families want to get away from the snowy weather for holidays in warmer climes. Now that we have the Family Day holiday in Ontario in February, more people are taking advantage of booking that winter holiday in Florida, Mexico or another tropical location. This year, instead of boarding your dog at the kennel, you can arrange for a dog walker to visit your pets as often as necessary to ensure they are fed and walked, without the worry of leaving your animals in a strange place. You’ll have a more enjoyable holiday knowing your pet is safe in familiar surroundings, rather than in a kennel with animals he is unfamiliar with.

There’s no time like the present to consider dog walking services. Now that the new year is upon us, resolve to make life less stressful for you and your dog. Hiring a dog walker will not only make your life easier, it will benefit your pets as well.

Amber Brown is a Toronto-based canine expert whose blogs and articles appear on Web sites and in magazines across North America.