4 Tips That Help You Take Better Care of Your Westie


Having a cute little Westie running around your home is always a good thing! These dogs (also known as the West Highland Terrier) are a small breed with tons of personality to offer. They are known for being happy and fun…but also a little demanding. With beautiful white fur and expressive round eyes, it doesn’t take much to fall in love with these little pups. That is why it is so important to keep them healthy and cheerful day after day. You can make it happen by adding these tips into your regular routine. Here are 4 ways to take better care of your Westie:

1) Don’t Over Bathe Them

You want to keep your dog clean, right? Unfortunately some Westie owners over bathe their animals. This breed tends to have sensitive skin. If you wash them too frequently, this can lead to issues like irritation, dryness, and itching. It is important to be mindful of how often you are bathing them – and the products you are using to do it. The actual time between bathing varies from dog to dog and how well you keep up with grooming in between baths. It may need to be done three or four times a year or every 4 to 6 weeks. It really depends on the sensitivity of their skin. If you aren’t sure, ask a groomer or your vet for their opinion.

2) Remember to Brush Regularly

Part of good doggie maintenance has to do with brushing your Westie often. Even though their coat may look fine, you still need to brush it! It should be done every day if you are able to, or four times a week otherwise. Brushing keeps their scalp healthy and can even improve the appearance of their coat. This is a great way to avoid matted fur, which can cause additional pain or skin irritation. When you brush your Westie, be sure to choose a brush that has round plastic balls at the end of each bristle. This type of brush can get through the coat – whether the fur is fine or heavy – without causing any pulling.

3) Don’t Forget About Their Teeth

Just like humans, dogs need proper dental health as well. Yes, even your Westie. To avoid bad breath, gum infections, and other diseases, it is important to pay attention to their mouth. Aim to clean their teeth and gums once a week using some dog toothpaste and a toothbrush. If they are resistant, try using a finger cot to start with and move up to a regular toothbrush. Something to remember? Dog toothpaste is a must because it can be swallowed safely. In fact, your pet may even think it’s a treat because of the delicious flavour.

4) Always Tell Your Groomer What You Want

There are two ways to have your Westie groomed. They are: stripping and clipping. While stripping is typically done on show dogs it can be done on your house pet as well. It keeps their fur shorter but the texture will become coarser over time. Clipping on the other hand is the preferred style for non-competitive dogs. Here the coat is kept slightly longer. This option is far more convenient and requires less upkeep. Whichever one you prefer, be sure to tell your groomer what you want. Professionals have experience performing both cuts properly. So, remember to let them know what you’re looking for. It will make things easier for everyone!

Caring for your Westie is always important. It shows your pet just how much you care about their well being. Try incorporating these tips into your pet care routine. They are bound to appreciate the extra effort!

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Dog Grooming 101 – Bathing Your Dog

Most dogs are very energetic and lively; they really light up a place when they’re around. They are fiercely loyal, and have their own little ways to cheer you up when you’re down. For everything they offer us, grooming is one of the best ways to return their love and loyalty.

Grooming, aside from training, could be considered one of the hardest parts of having a pet. Since grooming needs to be regular, it requires time, patience and effort from dog owners. Some owners just call a dog grooming service for their pets, and that’s okay. But, grooming is such an essential part of the pet-owner relationship – it strengthens the bond you already have with your adorable pet. Consider it as a date with your husband/wife/significant other – you don’t really need to do it every day, but you have to have that “alone time” with your partner if you’re going to make the relationship work. And, just like dates, grooming should be enjoyed both by the pet and the owner.

Bathing is one part of grooming that people think is all fun. You often see on television and in movies the spraying, the splashing and the laughter it creates. Truth be told, not all bathing sessions are like that. Yes, it’s pretty messy, but most of the time, dogs run away from baths and go crazy. So, actually, bathing is quite hard. But, here are some easy tips on how to master the bathing experience and turn it into something fun both for you and your dog:

– Mind over matter – Fearing bath time is a bad idea for dog owners. Remember that your pet can actually sense what you feel every single time you’re with him, so when he senses your fear or annoyance to the entire bathing process, he’ll definitely go crazy. Try thinking positively about the bath. Think that it’s going to be okay, and that you’ll be successful. When your dog senses your serenity and confidence, he’ll trust you.

– Make it a habit – You don’t need to give your dog a bath every day, but let him get used to the idea of bathing. As much as possible, start bathing your dog while he’s still young. Make him accustomed to the sound of running water, to the feel of the water on his fur. This takes time and patience, but it will all be worth it. Bath time will be a breeze.

– Reward your dog – For behaving properly, or not going crazy, reinforce your dog by giving him a treat. While he’s getting used to the water, always reassure him that he’s safe with you, that it’s “just a bath” and nothing to be afraid of. Be firm, but gentle.

Grooming is a wonderful experience between the owner and the dog. If you have time, groom your pet every now and then. For extreme cases and professional help, you can always call a local dog grooming services. For now, enjoy the bath! Get wet and wild with your pooch!


Amber Brown is a regular contributor to a local magazine on pet care. She owns a Dog Grooming Salon and owns a few dogs and a cat.

Don’t Allow the Harsh Winter Weather to Keep You From Walking Your Dog

Winter is finally here, and as we are all aware, Toronto winters can be particularly harsh. There are many things we’d rather not do outdoors in the cold weather, but some we just cannot avoid; one of them is taking the dog out for his daily walks.

Many of us don’t mind the cold and are more than happy to take our canine friends out whenever they have to do their “business.” For those of us who want or need to avoid spending as little time outdoors during the winter as possible, it’s good to know that dog walking services are available whenever and wherever we need them.

Professional dog walkers are lifesavers for many people, especially this time of year when venturing outdoors can be treacherous for some. It can be challenging for seniors and other individuals who might be prone to slipping and falling on ice to go out and walk their dogs. That’s why dog walkers are so important; they allow us to keep our beloved canine companions by our sides without having to worry about the elements. Many dog walkers have client lists that include seniors and other home-bound individuals who rely on them to walk their dogs as often as necessary. When the weather turns nasty, it is a comfort to many to know that trained, caring professionals are always available to make sure their dogs are well cared for.

Winter is also a time when families want to get away from the snowy weather for holidays in warmer climes. Now that we have the Family Day holiday in Ontario in February, more people are taking advantage of booking that winter holiday in Florida, Mexico or another tropical location. This year, instead of boarding your dog at the kennel, you can arrange for a dog walker to visit your pets as often as necessary to ensure they are fed and walked, without the worry of leaving your animals in a strange place. You’ll have a more enjoyable holiday knowing your pet is safe in familiar surroundings, rather than in a kennel with animals he is unfamiliar with.

There’s no time like the present to consider dog walking services. Now that the new year is upon us, resolve to make life less stressful for you and your dog. Hiring a dog walker will not only make your life easier, it will benefit your pets as well.

Amber Brown is a Toronto-based canine expert whose blogs and articles appear on Web sites and in magazines across North America.