Toronto Fences Will Give Your Home a Much-Needed Update This Spring

When you take the time to ensure the exterior of your home looks as good as the interior, the last think you want to do is put unattractive fencing around the perimeter.

Many types of wooden fencing are labor intensive, and for all that trouble you don’t get much beauty or longevity from them. They have to be stained and waterproofed, and then you’re never certain when the wood will splinter or rot, and need to  be replaced.

The newest idea in Toronto fences is vinyl picket fences that look just like wood, but they’re made from 100 percent recycled vinyl that always looks great and lasts much longer than traditional wooden fencing. Unless you’re standing right next to it, there is no way to tell that you don’t have a painted wooden fence surrounding your home. It’s the same classic style but without the worry about maintaining or replacing it.

Ask any homeowner in your area which type of fence they’d rather have and sure enough, they will tell you a vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing is so much more versatile than old fashioned wooden fencing; There are so many more styles and colors available, and the great thing is, once it’s installed, you don’t have to worry about it. If it gets dirty, the most you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth or give it a good power-washing every so often. Wood fences require so much more upkeep including treating them to repel termites and other pests, and worrying about compromising the wood if you treat your lawn or shrubs with pesticides. When a wooden fence splinters or breaks, you have to replace entire sections of it, and it never looks the same. A vinyl fence gives you many more years of worry-free enjoyment without having to replace bits and pieces of it as they deteriorate.

Vinyl fencing material is also used by many businesses because of it’s affordability and easy care. In fact, many rural farms have begun to install vinyl horse fences instead of wooden or metal fences, which require constant upkeep. A vinyl fence, especially when it’s enclosing a large property, is not only more economical, it will look great for years to come.

Homeowners know how versatile vinyl fencing material is: decks, patios and verandas can be built with it that will last just as long and look just as beautiful as the fence that surrounds your home. You will enjoy many years of fun gatherings without the worry of going barefoot and getting splinters. And, when you build a deck with vinyl fence material, there’s no need to paint, stain or maintain it. It will provide years of enjoyment all year round.

When you invest in your home’s appearance, it always pays to use the finest quality materials – and those include vinyl picket fences.

Yaniv Kalderon is a vinyl fence and landscaping expert in Toronto, Ontario, whose blogs and articles appear on home improvement Web sites.

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