Career Coaching – The Right Path to Success

Do you remember the last time you took part in a competition? If you were into athletics, you might not fondly remember that your coach made you practice like hell, but they were the ones who pushed you beyond what you think you could, to be the person that you are. Career coaching is just like that.

Everyone wants to be successful at work and life, in general. Some people achieve it through hard work and God-given intelligence and creative talents. But some of us are not so lucky when it comes to social status, available opportunities or possessing network contacts. Here is when a career coach comes in.

A career coach won’t steer your wheel for you, it’s still your wheel. Your career coach is your compass – he only helps you get to your treasure chest that is success.

Career coaching’s basic principle is professional and career development. You have all the potentials in you: you’ve got the goods! If you don’t know where to start, or you don’t know how to get the most out of your skills, we can help. Career coaches can’t promise you a quick way out, but we’ll get you there.

The secret to the success of a career coach is the new perspective they come up with. Being in the business so long, we’ve seen where most companies get stuck at – they know the strategies but they’ve been in the biz so long that they lose sight of what’s fresh and new. A career coach will point out potential improvments and help with the necessary adjustments. This is all constructive criticism of course. You take someone not involved in the company, and they see a lot of things that most businessmen ignore and take for granted. Sometimes, being too involved in a project brings more harm than good; you need an outside and holistic point of view every once in a while to steer you right back into track.

Another key point that career coaching can do to you is to balance out everything. Most employees are stuck at their situation and forget to see the big picture and some executives keep thinking long term but they disregard the short term. A lot of business magnates can’t understand why either their relationships fail or their work fails. That shouldn’t be the case! It should be win-win: a win in work and a win in life itself. A career coach will not only guide you to the path of success, but will also help you manage your time, your thinking and your resources so you don’t have to choose between family and work. You can maintain your social life AND be successful in your career. How neat is that?!

Career coaching is not a necessity, yet some people deem it important enough. Talk to your peers and your bosses. If you think you need one, here’s one great site with amazing career coaches who are always ready to serve and help. Remember: you are the captain of your fate and the master of your soul. You decide what to do, but a little nudge wouldn’t hurt, especially if it will point you to success.

Ayelet Magen is a full-time executive coach and author of several articles on career coaching.


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