If You’re Stopped at the Border: What To Do Next

There is nothing good about being stopped at the USA-Canadian border. Trust me! A few years back, I was stopped at the United States border because I didn’t have a US Waiver. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that I needed one. Canadian citizens who have been arrested, have been deported from the US, or have ever overstayed a travel or work visa, may require a US Waiver in order to enter the United States legally.

Since 2001, the US Border Control has been even more vigilant about having proper paperwork before anyone enters into the United States. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, heightened US-Canadian border security became a necessity. As a result, these changes in both Canadian laws and the US Homeland Security practises made entering the United States even more difficult for anyone with a criminal record. Learn from my mistake – know what you need before you try to cross the US-Canadian border.

My experience being stopped at the US-Canadian border was scary and embarrassing. After looking at my passport, the border control worker informed me that I needed a US Waiver before I could enter into the United States. I was upset with myself for not realizing that I needed proper paperwork. I also felt overwhelmed and scared about what would happen to me next. Since it was my first time trying to cross the US-Canadian border without a US Waiver, the border control worker gave me some paperwork to fill out and sent me driving back into Canada.

Once I knew that I needed a US Waiver to cross the US-Canadian border, I started to go through the paperwork I had been given. The steps in the application process were far more complicated that I anticipated. I learned that the Department of Homeland Security reviews each US Waiver application. However, since their requirements are constantly changing, I found it incredibly challenging to handle the application process on my own. This is why I turned to US Waiver Pardon Canada for help with my application.

Going through the US Waiver application process with a professional helped to ease my mind. I gained personalized attention and had someone to turn to for answers to all of my questions about the process. US Waiver Pardon Canada was able to make the application process go as smoothly as possible for me. Having help collecting and preparing the application forms and supporting documents that I needed was a huge asset. It sped up the filing process and ensured that things were done properly the first time.

I was so grateful to have the support of US Waiver Pardon Canada after my experience being stopped at the border. Their understanding of the US Waiver applications helped me get my application filed properly. Now, thanks to all of their hard work and support, I am able to cross the US-Canadian border without hassle.

My advice to anyone who has been stopped at the border? Let the professionals help. When I was stopped at the US-Canadian border, I didn’t know where to turn. That is why I will always be thankful for the help I received from US Waiver Pardon Canada. Now, I have my life and freedom back.

Julie Cammisa has experienced helping people that were stopped at the border. She manages US Waiver Pardon Canada.