Before Choosing a Driving School

Driving education is a very crucial form of special training given to prospective and would be drivers either by private or public driving institutions. In almost all parts of the country, including Arkansas, finding for the most reliable driving schools has never been so easy with the use of the internet. Different schools offer different teaching methodologies and techniques that are equally good and effective. There are also driving schools that offer competitive rates.

There are important considerations that one must look into before choosing a driving school. One of the most important things to consider is the school’s license to teach professional driving. A school that offers driver education must be duly recognized and certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Second consideration is its curriculum. The curriculum of each driving school must be recognized by the Department of Education with a pre-approved curriculum by the Department of Education and a school recognized by the DMV, a student must next check the physical readiness of the school. This means the availability of necessary equipment that are essential in teaching driving. A suitable vehicle ideal for student who is just learning driving for the first time must be readily available. Not all types of vehicles are suitable in teaching driving. The vehicle used must be solely intended and tailored for teaching driving.

Some states require a certain age before one can enroll in a classroom driver education and training or driver training course. Some secondary schools are now including driving lesson in their school’s curriculum. Thus, it is best for parents to take advantage of this. A good driving school must not only teach its student driver the actual driving lesson. Other teaching modalities must also be incorporated like video and movie viewing that are directly related to driver education. Simulation is a very effective way in teaching process. Depending on the state, the exact number of hours for the entire driving education varies. It pays to check the school where your child is attending for the entire course work.

In any places in the country, like Arkansas for example, driving laws vary, that is why it is best to check with your local area on the regulations and policies that will be very helpful in your child’s driving lesson. You can even choose from hundreds of Arkansas Driving Schools that offer reliable services at reasonable rates.

Since a teenager’s first driving lesson can be very stressful, parents must ensure to only hire driving teachers who are respectful, courteous, professional, and the one who value safety and integrity while teaching the course. There are several things that parents should do before picking a driving school. While it is important to consider the cost of the entire driving lesson, the safety and quality of driving techniques that your child will be learning must not be sacrificed just because you want to save. At the end of the day, your child’s safety must be prioritized.

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Tips for the First Time Driver

So, you’re finally done with your 6-week driving school. Everything is all set – your dad bought you your new car, and you’re excited to impress the girls in your school. But before you race to the wheel, remember this one important thing: you own the car, NOT the road. You might be very excited, but your parents won’t be too happy if you crash that car on your first day. So, what do you need to do? Here are some helpful points to consider before you go on your first drive.

– Check your car – Whether you’re going for a short ride or a long one, always check your car. Check the tires, the seat-belts, and the mirrors. While you were in driving school, you always had your driving instructor breathing down your neck. Annoying, right? Now it would feel strange that you’re all alone. There would be no one there to remind you, so you have to get your act together.
– Don’t panic. – Keep your cool. Keep thinking of ways to distract yourself from the fear of driving – like how cool you’d look when you arrive in school, or the look on your girlfriend’s (or boyfriend) face when she sees you in your new car. Loosen up, and don’t focus so much on driving. Try to act naturally. There’s no instructor to tell you what to do anymore.
– Don’t distract yourself – While thinking of ways to keep your cool, don’t overdo it by daydreaming. The last thing you need is a distracting thought that would take your mind off of driving and into something else. Since it’s your first time, don’t bring answer your phone just yet, or don’t eat. A little music can help relax you.
– Don’t forget your license. EVER. – This pretty much says it all. It’s not that I’m putting negative thoughts in your head, but you’ll never know what happens on the road.
– Remember what driving school taught you – You didn’t go through that six week hell for nothing, right? So you best remember everything. You were taught to read signs, so read them well. You were taught how to drive safely, then drive safely. If you encounter bad drivers, don’t imitate them. Just go about your business.

Tips like these can only go so far. I still believe that experience is the best teacher, specially for driving. So go ahead and practice. For those who still feel inadequate, there are some, like Indiana driving schools, that offer intermediate driving lessons. If you can get a hold of that (and if you have the resources of course), then do so. There’s actually a study that says these extra courses make better drivers. And remember, driving is supposed to be fun and cool. Just don’t let it get to your head to much. Enjoy your drive!


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